Where To Dine In The East Legon

Oct / 25 / 2021


East Legon Ghana is not called Beverly Hills for nothing. The heart of many luxurious homes and the most ravishing neighbourhoods in Ghana, it’s heavily flooded with some of the best restaurants in Accra.

Enveloped by the boulevards, it seems every new month, a new restaurant is opened in East Legon. We clearly had no choice but to recommend trying these lovely restaurants for that ‘Summer Sixteen’ food experience and as the festive season is around the corner save this link and share it with friends; the must-try restaurants in East Legon.

New And Top Restaurants in East Legon

Food Garage


The first on our list is Garage, located at 5th Banana Lane, the Food garage is certainly not your typical food restaurant. Owners lead customers through an ‘on-the-go’ eating experience by offering service in renovated vehicles. Oh yes! Here’s your chance to experience what minivan campers go through when they have to eat in their vans. This creative and innovative experience leaves customers on a whole new continent while driving their taste buds to the spicy African scene. It’s the best of all worlds and we say you deserve the best.

Citrus Lounge


Number two on this list is the exotic Citrus Lounge located at 24th Jungle Avenue. Talk about elegance personified, the citrus lounge is neatly designed with a modern garden-themed interior that exposes customers to a calm and serene eating experience. Think, Mauritius in the summer or better yet a taste of Eden. The cuisine ranges from the Mediterranean to local dishes with their signature seafood paella being a fan favorite. We absolutely ‘stan’ a tongue adventure.

Cafe Accra


If you’ve ever wanted breakfast and brunch all day, Cafe Accra is your ‘one-stop-shop’. Located at 49th Boundary Road, Cafe Accra is a minute yet cozy restaurant that seeks to satisfy the individual needs of its customers. The miniature spacing in the restaurant makes it easy to keep a low profile. With decent customer service, this restaurant capitalizes on flavors presenting mind-blowing meals and the highlight of the menu (drumroll please…) Chicken burgers. Please do pass-through for a delightful experience.



‘Rock your mamas…’

Okay, that was not a very funny pun but it honestly sounded better in our heads. Anyway, ‘Why RocoMamas?’ The real question is ‘Why not?’ If you’ve ever been on a diet, we know you need a break once in a while and a juicy greasy burger is a perfect choice. RocoMamas is a ‘Spoil Yourself’ zone. Enjoy the large variety of burger options and a ‘Make Your Own’ option that allows customers to get creative. Before we forget, the sweet tooth category has various ‘Schweets’ from shakes to waffle combos. RocoMamas should easily be Top 5 on your to-do list and if you’re a biker, why not hop on a RocoMamas wave.



Do you love looking in the mirror? Then look no further than 2nd Boundary road. You don’t just get to see yourself, you get to taste yourself. Selfieccino adopts a strategy that makes customers feel special by creating images of themselves on their cappuccinos!!! Tell us that isn’t cool. In fact, as long as you have a photo, you can taste it. The slightly rustic interior gives you a blast from the past episode which warms you up on the inside. Selfieccino is truly an absolute favorite.

Thai House!


Welcome to Thai-land my friends or in this case Thai House. With an extensive menu of local Thai dishes and ‘random beer options’, Thai house is the place to kick back and enjoy the ride. Located in the cosy corner of Sunflower Road, Thai house does not only fill your belly, they treat your body. Owners offer customers a relaxing experience with a massage, followed by a delicious meal. Who doesn’t love a backrub by an expert before a tummy fill? Take a trip to Thai house for a total living experience.

Cinnamon Bistro


Ever wanted to paint and eat? Then Cinnamon Bistro was made for you. With regular paint and sip sessions, customers are left wanting more of that Picasso experience. We bet you Picasso always had a bite with a brush. Located on 12 boundary road, Cinnamon Bistro screams ‘homemade’. With finger linking dishes that make you feel like a kid in your mum’s kitchen again, what more do you need? Not to mention the receptive service and attention, we don’t see why you wouldn’t want a cinnamon bistro.

La Cocina


Bienvenido muchachitos!!

Oh yes! we’re flying business class to Mexico. On the banks of 1st Potato Avenue is the wonderful La cocina. This restaurant takes culture to the next level with its waiters dressed like Mariachi singers. The goal is to bring Mexico to you. If you’re obsessed with latino lifestyle like we are, then please follow us to La cocina for a Latino rebirth. With an array of wonderfully flavored dishes… ergo hot and spicy (Yeah! We see you Ghana people), every Alejandro and Valentina fantasy comes to life in one bite so don’t miss out on this.

Waffle Mania


Accra’s #1Diner is open for your guilty pleasure. Picture this pancake and waffle lovers; A bed of strawberry coated waffles or better yet, a court of chocolate chip pancakes. See where we’re going with this? Waffle Mania is your sweet tooth date night cafe. Enjoy a variety of the most amazing ways your breakfast can be redecorated with that special someone. And don’t even worry about being spotted xoxo! It’s so hidden you might even miss it. An absolute gem you need to try.

Little Paris


They don’t call it little Paris for nothing. Un croissant au beurre s’il vous plait!

Just showing off our french skills *Dab*. All the same, feel free to grab a buttered croissant on a date with your laptop and tons of work. If you’ve been trying to find a quiet place to ‘work from home’, then Little Paris is your spot. Also located on boundary road, this private and instagrammable place gives customers a chance to get work done and brag #codedlocation! You should waltz there as we speak and grab a delicious french pastry. You never know what accent you’d find.

Villandro Residence


Situated on Sigma Square on Boundary Road, Villandro Residence is a rare and exquisite jewel in the heart of East Legon. It’s not just a restaurant but a hotel as well. Villandro capitalizes on the greenery in its surroundings to provide customers with a naturally cool and relaxing encounter. The vast food options make the phrase ‘Variety is the spice of life’ too good to be true. With an affordable menu, Villandro does not shy from being the last but certainly not the least on this list. The beautiful ambiance and welcoming staff keep customers longing for more. Make your way down to Villandro Residence to know exactly what we mean.

It's was a difficult one putting this list together, because as mentioned there are countless restaurants in East Legon, Accra. In case, we didn't feature your favourite restaurant, head over to our social media and suggest which restaurants we should feature next time. And whenever you're in doubt of where to eat in East Legon, this list is a guide in selecting a restaurant

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