What to look out for when relocating to a new area

Feb / 09 / 2018

You recently got a new job in another city and you and your family are making the decision to relocate. Before you pack up the caravan let’s look at a few things you should consider before moving.

Scout out the exact location you’ll be living in

If accommodation is being provided by the company you are going to work for, find out if the accommodation is suitable to your preference and if any renovation works need to be done to the place. Try to speak to as many of your new neighbours to get as much information as you can get about the area and the family that lived in the house before you. Having background information about the area and the house you are about to rent helps you make an informed decision on whether the house and neighbourhood is right for you.

Cost of living

Before moving, compare the cost of living between your current and your desired destination to determine if your new salary will adequately cover your expenses. Find out how far your job is from your home and estimate how much you will need for transportation costs. Review the cost of living in the proposed city, your estimated salary and other earnings, in comparison to expected bills and expenses, before agreeing to any offer.


Research about the company you are going to work for. Be sure that you completely understand the job description and get a sense of the work environment and culture before making a commitment. Use social media to find out more about the company. LinkedIn, company websites, blogs and even Facebook, help to connect to former and current employees to get an inside scoop.

How will it impact my family

If you are moving with your partner, your partner will probably have to find a job. Your investigation of your new town or city will have to include looking into whether opportunities exist for him or her. If there aren’t any, you may have to consider an alternate plan. Additionally, if you have children, you will need to consider how well they will adjust, as well as the quality of the schools in your new location. You may also have to consider if your new neighbourhood is family friendly and if your family will adjust well in that neighbourhood.

In relocating for a new job, the most important thing to consider is if there are more benefits than complications in relocating and in taking the job itself. What is driving you to take that job? Does the offer present a better position than your previous job? Is the pay worth moving for? Will your family be happy there? These are valid questions which should either prompt you to make that move or to negotiate your work conditions with your current employers.

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