Top 10 Trusted Real Estate Agents and Brokers In Accra, Ghana

Mar / 01 / 2021

The thought of buying or selling a house or a property can be stressful, not to mention how to get in touch with a trusted real estate agent or broker in Accra, Ghana. You can experience this frustration particularly when you have no idea about the professionalism or qualification of real estate agents/brokers out there. This situation is further compounded by the lack of information on the availability of properties or information on potential buyers/leads you can easily reach. The role of a qualified and trusted real estate agent or broker in helping to lighten up the burden can be quite useful.

Who is a real estate agent or broker?

A real estate agent or broker is an expert who assists prospective clients in purchasing or selling a house or a commercial property. In a highly regulated market, they are sometimes licensed to practice. Depending on the real estate agent’s speciality, their focus can either be on residential or commercial property. A real estate agent can either work as a listing agent, help prospective customers sell their property or as a buyer’s agent, to help the client buy a home. Real estate agents’ charges are on a commission basis – a percentage of the selling or purchasing price, usually 10% after the deal is closed.

What is the role of the real estate agent or broker?

Real estate agents play a significant role in connecting buyers to sellers and vice versa. We highlight below a few of the real estate agent’s pivotal roles or brokers to keep the sector running.

  • Helping prospective buyers to find and inspect homes that meet their requirements. They can also assist with securing a mortgage.

  • Giving valuable information to guide clients on the price or cost of a property based on the market value of the location of their property, current market conditions and any other useful tip that may be useful to support your buying or selling decision.

  • After a purchase contract is executed, they help process the administrative documents related to the title, insurance, transfer deed, etc. They may help in clarifying the terms of the transaction.

Benefits of using the services of a real estate agent to buy a home?

You may still be wondering why you need to hire a realtor to lead the purchase of your property.

Most people have misconstrued the value the real estate agent brings to the process of acquiring your property. They can make your purchase or sale transaction much less difficult and give you ready access to potential clients. Unless you have lots of time to do your home shopping, using an agent can be the best option to help you out.

Now let us look at some of the benefits of using a real estate agent or broker’s services to acquire a property.

  1. Better access to a variety of options

By virtue of the real estate agents’ job schedule, a reliable real estate agent can know the local market’s ins and outs, always updated with new properties springing up and can assist in getting better home deals that you would otherwise not have known if you had done it on your own.

  1. Negotiating and Saving you Money

A trusted real estate agent can detect issues with a potential home that sometimes may have gone unnoticed. Real estate agents are passionate about evaluating a property with a detailed eye. In cases where there are a few areas requiring improvement, the real estate agent can assist in negotiating. The negotiation can be to have the seller repair those issues or asking for the price to be lowered just to accommodate future renovations. Without the help of a reliable real estate broker, these issues may go unnoticed, or you may not be skilled enough to negotiate for a fair price. Allowing a trusted real estate agent to assist with the negotiations can be invaluable. By practice, the real estate broker may be aware of the value of certain neighbourhoods and types of homes. This type of information may not be available to a desperate client. So, using a real estate agent can save you a lot of money and time.

  1. Ease of documentation

There’s no doubt that buying a home or commercial property comes with a substantial measure of documentation or paperwork. These include a deed, affidavit of title etc. It’s almost like a checklist the realtor will go through on your behalf. A trusted real estate agent can help you track the administrative work and guarantee that everything is marked and complete. Most real estate agents will keep a copy of the paperwork on their file for a long time following the deal and, in the event, you need any future enquiry, your real estate agent is just a call away.

  1. Guidance and Support

As interesting as getting a property or home can be, it can also prove to be daunting. A professional realtor will provide guidance and support through each process of purchasing a home. They view each home with you and assist in buying a home plan based on your family needs. They also help you understand why a home’s plan may work for you and your family or why a home simply does not merit putting resources into – because of expensive fixes. Your real estate agent can assure you of having done right by way of process and property choice.

Trusted 10 Real Estate Agents In Accra, Ghana

A lot has been said on the importance of the real estate agent; however, the big concern remains, who can you trust to do the job most professionally? We are here to help with that. We have listed below some of the authorised and trusted real estate agents you can find in Ghana.

  1. Ghana Prime Properties Limited (GPPL)

Ghana Prime Properties is one of Ghana’s premier and reliable online platforms for buying, selling, and renting exclusive prime properties and real estate. They also provide consultancy services on all property-related needs by collaborating with private developers, professionals and corporate institutions as well as private property owners to give the buyer or seller a trustworthy source of properties on the Ghanaian market. To provide exceptional customer experience, they invest in the professional development of their staff. Ghana Prime Properties is a one-stop-shop for all your property related needs.

  1. Akka Kappa Ghana

Akka kappa is one of Ghana’s most trusted real estate agents who focuses on giving the best options and solutions to delight their customers. They help their clients rent, sell, buy, manage and build properties. They deliver great service to their clients by continuously introducing innovative ideas to satisfy the clients' needs.

You may visit their website to learn more and contact them on +233 540122800. You can also reach them via email at

  1. Westfield Real Estate

Westfields Real Estate is an established and highly regarded real estate agent company specialising in residential and commercial properties. They provide outstanding service to all their clients, both locally and internationally, by combining conventional qualities, sophisticated market techniques with innovative technologies. They have a team of experts committed to achieving the highest customer service standards. With over seven years’ experience working in Accra’s property market, they are more than equipped to help their clients acquire their ideal property, be it private or commercial.

Visit their website and contact them on +233 307007210

  1. Dwellys International

Dwellys International is a 360-degree trusted Ghanaian real estate agent or broker established in April 2018. They are into selling, renting, and leasing properties to their clients. They also provide services in property management, property due diligence, property auction and move-in logistics. They furnish their customers with all accommodation needs to suit their style and expectations, whether commercial or residential. They offer comprehensive solution property search, offering countless housing and office location alternatives as well as offline expert advice.

Visit their website and contact them on +233 302961801

  1. Cameo 1 Homes

Cameo 1 Homes is a reliable and trusted real estate brokerage firm that started in Atlanta, Georgia and launched its Ghana firm in 2015 with its headquarters at One Airport Square, Accra. They provide various services under the real estate portfolio and endeavour to satisfy their clients by providing innovative solutions to real estate challenges. Understanding and satisfying their clients’ real estate needs and helping businesses, property owners and clients realise their dreams of owning, selling, leasing or renting properties in Ghana is their hallmark.

Visit their website to know more, and you can reach them via 050-703-3213. You can also contact them via email at and

  1. SellRent Ghana

SellRent, pride itself as experts in the residential and commercial property market. They ensure their customers experience a stress – free procedure of acquiring property by offering comprehensive real estate services to all their customers. Their team of professionals is up to speed with industry standards and market intelligence to help their customers make long–term decisions in the real estate market. They also give other auxiliary services in market research, property management and valuation.

To know more about them, you may visit their website or contact them on +233 541615625. Their email address is

  1. Polen Properties

Polen properties are luxurious real estate agents focused on delivering unmatched quality of service to their clients. Their quest to keep improving drives their daily efforts towards their cherished clients. Their business is to serve and bring solutions to their clients while fostering outstanding relations with every individual and entity they work with daily. We believe in integrity, efficiency and dedication.

Find out more about their services at and contact them on (+233) 050 670 9280, (+233) 050 670 9281, (+233) 024 341 8994

For more enquiries, kindly reach them on or

  1. Eaglesdale Ghana

Eaglesdale Ghana is one of the most reliable real estate agent made up of highly-skilled realtors and designers who have mastered the city of Accra and its space. With over five years of experience in brokerage services, property management, project management and a large portfolio of residential, commercial and industrial properties; they have a large property pool available for sale and rental. They make their clients feel like family and provide them with the good service they truly deserve.

Visit their website to know more about them and contact them on +233 507150272 or +233 552030272. You can also reach them via email at

  1. RMK Property Management

RMK Property Management is a trusted real estate agent with expertise in the industry over the past eight years. Selling, purchasing and renting luxurious residential and commercial properties is their primary focus. They are committed to having the interest of their client at heart and providing for their clients’ needs.

To know more about them, visit their website and contact them on +233262382582 or +233262382582. For more enquiries, kindly reach them at

  1. Ana Arkutu

Ana Arkutu is a professional and trusted real estate agent with over twelve years of experience in the real estate industry. Her expertise gained over the years, and her creative and analytical skills, help prospective buyers feel confident and at ease when searching for a property. Her passion is to make sure people visualize their future by acquiring a sustainable asset and fulfilling their dreams by investing in real estate.

Visit their website to know more about their services and contact them on +233 269909723. You can also reach them via email on

Working with a real estate agent can bring a great deal of significant serenity regardless of whether you are purchasing or selling. Furthermore, it can eventually leave you with more money tucked neatly away. If you’re considering selling or buying a property single-handedly, ensure you altogether understand the work of the real estate agent or broker. Don’t go through the hassle; employ the services of a trusted real estate agent now.

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