The ‘Haves’ and ‘Must Haves’ of Your First Apartment

Feb / 09 / 2022


Finding the right apartment to rent in Accra can be daunting in itself. You probably would have dealt with different agents, paid viewing fees, seen multiple apartments in Accra before finding something that works for you. Then comes the second part of the puzzle: furnishing. Most definitely these tasks can take a toll on you physically, financially and even emotionally. This is why we want to lessen the burden for you when it comes to furnishing your first apartment right here in Ghana with this ultimate guide.

So you've finally purchased or rented that first apartment or house and packed up your old life with family heirlooms, clothes, etc. It’s time to look to your future. However, the question remains, ‘‘How do I begin rebuilding my future space?’’

In this article, we will dive into the essentials you need to purchase when furnishing your newly rented apartment in Accra.

One of the great things about first apartment guides is they always tell you what you need rather than want. This way you prioritise and save money. You really don’t need to have it all together already and hopefully, this checklist will give you just the right items to fill up your empty space for the meantime. Scroll down for a summary list for your shopping!

The Ultimate First Apartment Furnishing Guide 2022

  1. Bedroom

Perhaps you are thinking, 'A bedroom too needs a list?' Doesn't the bed make the room?’

The bed is just one part of it. Your first night in your new space might be uncomfortable, but that doesn't mean you can't prepare for a better second night. People tend to overlook the importance of a mattress so early on in the moving process and instead concentrate on the bedpost. To make the nights that roll along more comfortable, invest in a good mattress. Once you have a mattress, add a bedpost or a frame to give your body more support at night. You will also need bed sheets. It is preferable to have extras for laundry day, but that is a story for another day. There will definitely be nights when you need a duvet, especially during rainy or harmattan seasons. Absolutely! Don't underestimate Ghana's winter nights, even without air conditioning.

Speaking of, if you don’t already have an extra cooling system, you need to invest in a fan. If you can afford to buy air conditioning, you should get one, we would hate to see you paralyzed by heat flashes at night; after all, this is Ghana. She’s as unpredictable as she is predictable. You'll also need some pillows. Maybe one for starters if you’re a singleton and two for couples just so no one’s violating the sacred pillow rule ‘What’s mine is mine…

Before we forget, you Must Have curtains to cover up at night. ‘Keep your business, your business.’

If you’re a bit of a nightcrawler, you’ll certainly need a lamp or general illumination to keep you company as you read, browsing clothes or evening working at night. Good thing we mentioned clothes already because you'll need a place to put them. A simple dresser or closet stand should do well for now. You can't live out of a suitcase forever. Add some hangers to increase closet space and a trash can to keep things neat and cute. Keep things neat and cute by incorporating a full mirror to maintain appearances. If you’ve got some extra cash, get a laundry basket to hold your used clothes and get some decorations (paintings, plants or ornaments) to make your room scream your personality, remember it’s your place of comfort.

  1. Bathroom

Let's talk Bathroom. Make sure you have a towel to clean yourself, toilet paper, a shower curtain with hanging rings, a soap dish and some toilet paper to make sure you don't miss anything important. Don’t forget your basic toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, and bath sponge. To keep yourself from slipping, add a bathmat and a separate trash can for bathroom trash; we don't want food and bathroom trash partying together. A plunger and toilet brush are essential for those days when your toilet and cleanup sessions prove to be utterly stubborn. Once you’re done getting the essentials, you can get a toothbrush holder, wall hook for your bathrobe and towel, air freshening spray and an extra towel or a face towel for skin care routines.

  1. Living Room

Your living room is most likely your first point of contact in the apartment. Our advice is, to get your couch and coffee table set first and make sure they’re as comfortable as you want cause Heaven knows how essential a comfy couch is after a long Monday at work. Hosting Friday movie nights is always much better with a clear TV so check that off the list with a nice screen and a TV stand to avoid your nephews and nieces or your own kids from running past and reducing your investment to zero when you babysit. You could add some extra lighting to keep things bright at night and additional furniture to fill the extra space. Always remember if there’s a little more from the budget, get some decorations and make yourself at home, after all it is your home. If your living room doubles as a dining room, get a small dining set but that’s certainly not a must have within the first month of moving in so take your time. At your pace, we move!

  1. Kitchen

Your next priority is your tummy. The Kitchen is usually the most capital intensive part of your apartment especially if it isn't already fitted with a full kitchenette so let’s get started. Assuming there’s a bunch of already built cabinets to keep your pots, pans, plates, cups/mugs, glasses, tupperware and utensils, we suggest you get your chopping boards and appliances such as the fridge (preferably one that doubles with a freezer to save some cost), You’re going to need a working stove, a lighter for the stove and some gas to whip something light from time to time. Once you’re set on that, you’ll need to get groceries and spices (but that’s per your desire as and when) and some kitchen paper towels and napkins to clean up and insulate when cooking. You should rope in a dishwashing kit with a sponge, soap and wipe for your dishes and as usual, if you’ve got extra cash to throw around, invest in a microwave,

a toaster if you’re a toast kinda gal or guy, water filter, mitts and apron and anything else that brings out the true Wolfgang Puck from within when you stand behind that counter and hold that knife.

  1. Cleaning Supplies

After getting settled you might want to start some regular cleaning on Saturdays. Start off with laundry detergent and a broom paired with a dust collector to keep your space in tip top shape. Top that off with a sponge and some washing soap for dishes and scrubbing tools for the bathroom. You might want to add a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner for dusting. Maintain a spotless space with a mop and bucket for whipping down. Finally, we recommend getting gloves to protect your hands from harsh detergents. You need to come out of cleaning feeling more Brittney Spears and less…. well you get the picture.

You should probably own a toolkit in your cleaning supply cabinet just so you can handle basic repairs and save cost on a handyman.

Here is a summary list of the places that NEED to be covered ASAP.


*Lesly Gregory (Apartment Guide: The Ultimate First Apartment Guide) - 25/10/2019*

To end this little guide, let's leave you with a quid pro quo. To get all these things up and running smoothly, draw up a budget for each room before you get to shopping. This strategy will move you from a regular apartment space to a comfortable living area under a well thought through budget. You might even save some cost. Just follow this guide anytime you’re stuck and you should have a comfy space in no time.

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