Luxury Apartments For Sale In Accra

Jul / 31 / 2021

It’s everyone’s dream to live in a large and spacious luxury apartment with state-of-the-art interior designs and high-tech appliances in the premium parts of Accra. Although these apartments are built modern and new, it’ll take a while to find one that matches your style. Luxurious apartments are well maintained, undoubtedly spacious and are priced higher than regular apartments. In Accra, where business life is not without frustration, the sales of luxurious apartments are on the rise because the goal is to live comfortably and always look forward to going home after a long day in the “hectic Accra life”. Considering getting a luxurious apartment in Accra? Well, Devtraco Plus has the spotlight for you with a luxurious bedroom apartment sitting across the plush neighbourhoods of Accra.

There are a variety of choices you can choose from when deciding where to set up residence, whether you need a change of perspective or need to move due to your occupation. Rather than buying a house right now, you should consider buying and moving into an extravagant loft instead. At the point when you choose to live in a luxurious apartment, you should be provided with upscale conveniences that are not available in standard high rises. As a rule, Devtraco Plus luxury apartments in Accra are situated in prime neighbourhoods such as Cantonments, Airport, Dzorwulu and Roman Ridge which will make your commute simple. Additionally, most luxurious apartments are large, have high roofs, and have large windows that allow adequate light to enter. The Devtraco Plus projects are an excellent mix of structural perfection and architectural innovation. They present the world with premium quality apartments and townhouses in Accra, that stand the test of time in absolutely every sense.

Get A Luxury Apartment In Accra With Devtraco Plus

You can still live in Accra and would not compromise on space, luxury and your dream home with Devtraco Plus Luxurious, below are the pros and cons of getting a luxurious apartment in Accra.

Closeness To Amenities

One key benefit of owning a luxurious apartment in Accra will be its vicinity to the finest amenities such as roads, schools, hospitals, eateries, shopping, and diversion. As a result, families can access these amenities with ease, without having to worry about securing availability and accessibility to amenities or having to deal with a likely or unlikely event. Also, it cuts out the traffic situation of others living in the outskirts, Devtraco Plus apartments are situated in prime locations which are close to most offices and schools which makes commuting easier. Apart from having the aforementioned amenities, many apartment buildings include social facilities and more for the tenants to access. To top it all there is a murmur and fervour to city nightlife and social gatherings.


Living in a luxury apartment is conceivably great as long as you consider the entirety of the costs. Yes, it’s undeniable that these luxurious apartments come at a cost as compared to a regular home. While your lease will be the essential cost related to the apartment, there are some extra costs that you ought to know about. Most luxurious apartments are in a gated local area and are accompanied by premium conveniences like reinforced security and extensive pools, which adds to the general expense for lease. You may find a luxury apartment to be the best living situation for you if the rent fits into your budget and if you value the extra amenities. Nevertheless, one benefit of living in Accra is the opportunity to save on the intangible cost of time. Concerning the commute time or hours spent in traffic, acquiring an apartment in Accra would be a wise decision because time is a valuable commodity. Consider all your options before purchasing a luxury apartment.


Luxury apartments are a top choice for those who value both safety and security. Most luxury apartment complexes are gated, which provides tenants with the kind of security usually only found in luxury apartments. One of the main problems of living in a standard apartment complex is that maintenance is typically irregular. In contrast, luxury apartment complexes are often more willing to provide tenants with support and maintenance.

Devtraco Plus is a leading real estate developer in Ghana that offers premium quality housing in the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Accra. Our developments are famous for their signature style and character, expertly designed to function with modern finishings, and built of materials that reflect our commitment to quality. Boasting well over six top luxurious apartment complexes are sold out; Palmer’s place, the Niiyo, the edge, Acacia Townhouses, Avant Garde and Acacia apartment all located in the most sought after neighbourhood in Ghana.

As our works speak for themselves, our cherished customer said “I love the intricate architectural alchemy because it's different from the usual architecture one will see around. This is turning a wish into a work of art. You build as promised”. A. LAING. Such testimonials and a lot more are prime factors why Devtraco Plus is seen to be the top choice when it comes to structural perfection.

Currently, on offer are suites, studios, 1-2-3 bedroom apartments, and 5 bedrooms luxurious apartments for sale and rent in Accra, Ghana. Below are the available prime spots for your choosing

NoVa Apartment


NoVa Apartment

NoVA offers studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in Roman Ridge, Ghana. As far as prime locations go, Roman Ridge is in the top tier in Ghana's capital city Accra. A well-planned neighbourhood in the north of the city, it is highly sought after for its convenient location and accessibility to major business, retail, and entertainment hubs. With its proximity to the elite Airport Residential and Dzorwulu neighbourhoods, Roman Ridge is within easy reach of Accra's best schools, malls, healthcare, and financial services. Property owners who decide to sell or rent out their properties can make substantial profits since Roman Ridge is undeniably one of the best places in Ghana for real estate investing.

Henrietta’s Apartment


Henrietta’s Apartment

The Henrietta's Residences is your best option if you need to buy an apartment in Cantonments. Henrietta's Residence is one of the developments of Devtraco Plus that offer 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments for sale in Accra. This luxurious development is located 3 minutes from the American Embassy and 10 minutes from Kotoka International Airport. Profit from unbeatable returns in Accra's most sought-after area code, Cantonments.

With the co-development of the Ghana Property Award winners for 2017/2018 and a global nomination for "Best Apartment in Africa", Henrietta's Residences follows a long history of world-class property development providing a holistic experience for each of its residents.

Apartment Types Available

Developments like NoVA and Henrietta’s Residence have studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments on sale currently and the price starts at $165,200. Below will iterate the needs and which apartment styles can best fit you.

Studios Apartment

If you are an individual, looking for a modern luxurious apartment in Accra, Our studio apartment is ideal for you. It is an open floor plan that combines the bedroom, living room, and kitchen areas, as well as a bathroom in a separate room. In Devtraco Plus our studio apartments have a starting plan of $165,200+

One-bedroom Apartment

As its name implies, a one-bedroom apartment has one bedroom. It is a room that is completely isolated from other spaces. It has an entryway and dividers that keep it separate from the kitchen, parlour, and restroom. In comparison to a studio, the different rooms represent the more expensive and more prominent area. Individuals who love their privacy and don't want to live in an open plan like a studio may like this apartment-style.

Two-bedroom Apartment

The two-bedroom apartment can suit both a family or individuals. With the high rise of work from home, you can design one room as the bedroom and set up the other as a comfort work from the home office. This unit comprises two ensuite bedroom units, a kitchen and a parlour.

Three-Bedroom Apartment

A 3 bedroom apartment attracts a different buyer or renter than someone buying a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. Do you have a big family? Then opting for a three-bedroom apartment is ideal for you because this mostly appeals to families. There’s enough room and space for everyone

Devtraco Plus provides luxurious, plush apartments in prime locations throughout Accra, Ghana. Most certainly by now, you have made a choice based on your budget and needs and you probably are ready to speak of our skilled sales team. To get more information simply request a viewing with our sales experts via our online portal or call us on 0270000004.

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