Gated Communities In Ghana

Apr / 07 / 2022

In Ghana, the living arrangement has seen a major shift, from thatched homes to compound houses to self-contained flats, single homes, apartments and now gated communities. Over time, many gated communities emerged in most parts of Ghana by the growing real estate industry. This has led to the construction of gated communities, especially in Accra and its environments.

Wondering what a gated community is? A gated community is a residential community enclosed with walls or fences and manned by security personnel. Because of the luxury and amenities that come with gated communities, they are largely associated with affluence in society.

Are gated communities worth all the fuss? Let’s find out some of the benefits and disadvantages of living in a gated community.

Pros Of Living In Gated Communities

  • Security Is Top-notch For Gated Communities In Ghana

Living in gated communities in Ghana may be the biggest advantage. Security has always been of paramount importance to humans. The gated communities in Ghana provide assurance that we are protected in the places where we are most vulnerable. At the main entrance of these communities, there is a security guard who screens all visitors. If you are visiting a friend, that friend must confirm that they are indeed expecting you at the gate before you will be allowed entry. Rarely will you find loiterers inside gated communities in Ghana.

  • Gated Communities Offer A Sense Of Community

Due to the fact that the gated communities are shut away from the main community, the inhabitants of the community forge strong bonds of camaraderie and friendship. The community members forge alliances that ensure that networking, fun events, and neighbourhood outreaches are done by the members of the gated community.

  • Properties In Gated Communities Have A Higher Appreciation Value

Gated communities in Ghana appreciate at such excellent rates because of the security and the exclusiveness of such properties. You will find that to ensure that the properties have central security, there is proper planning and impeccable outlining. Most of these properties are also built with more features such as gyms, restaurants, shopping centres, community centres, pharmacies, and a host of other peripherals that make living in such a community an excellent experience. All these cause a property to appreciate over time thus making your property an investment that keeps giving.

  • Privacy Is Assured In Gated Communities

Despite the close-knitted sentiments that these gated communities bring, those that live in such communities are removed from the noise and the hustle and bustle that plagues living in Urban cities. Your neighbours are not ones to pry in your business. Unwanted visitors? That is a thing of the past because people cannot just decide to visit without your permission. Annoying marketers and loiterers disturbing your weekend sleep becomes a thing of the past when you live in a gated community

  • Gated Communities Are Safe For Children

Living in gated communities is advantageous to families with children because their children will be safe. Having gated communities offers children a great sense of safety, security, and community, which is good for their exploration and play outdoors, as well as the fact that they wouldn't run into strangers. Kids are protected from traffic accidents inside the community because it is not open to traffic and fast-moving vehicles. Being able to know that your child is safe at home gives you peace of mind.

Cons Of Living In Gated Communities in Ghana

  • Exorbitant Cost of Living

Property prices tend to be higher for properties in gated communities when compared with their non-gated counterparts. Having to pay monthly maintenance fees and general security can be quite expensive since you're paying for the gates and general security. Things like the roads are privately owned, so you'll have to pay towards their upkeep. You will probably wind up paying for leisure facilities, such as golf courses, tennis courts, and swimming pools. Basically, you should be prepared for all sorts of fees and expenses.

  • Restrictive Rules

There are a lot of rules to obey. Among these might be the colour of paint you can use on your home, type of grass you can grow on your lawn, and types of vehicles you can own and park. You’re right that some people prefer rules since they keep property prices up, but if you’re more of an individualist or non-conformist, or if you just want a more relaxed atmosphere, you may have a hard time settling with these strict rules. Even some gated communities restrict when contractors can come to your home, and some block contractors altogether on holidays.

  • Gated Communities Frustrations

The idea of gates and security to restrict access might sound appealing since they would hopefully deter unwanted visitors, but they can be frustrating when you have to pass through them every day. It can become tiresome after a while to have to wait in line just to enter or exit, plus every time a family member or friend visits, the guard has to be informed just so that they can gain entry. Having visitors come to your home in gated communities may be difficult. The check in process may be lengthy and there may not be enough parking space for a large number of visitors.

  • Sense Of Elitism

There is a perception that gated communities separate the wealthy or upper class from the lower class. There is a possibility that people might think they deserve a higher authority as a result of this social issue.

  • Proximity To Amenities

Gated communities are closed off from the outside world, which is one of the major cons. Gated communities can be an advantage when it comes to security, but they can also be an issue if your gated community does not have a lot to offer in terms of supermarkets, salons, schools, etc. Residents of a gated community who do not have access to many amenities may have to travel to them as it requires driving a long distance. When the estate is situated far from the center of business activity, it becomes difficult for residents to commute. This means that residents must always finish their business in town before they come back to the estate.

Nonetheless, these gated communities below will provide the very best of homes and apartments to you.

List Of The Top Gated Communities In Ghana.

1. Trassaco Valley Gated Communities In Ghana

Trassaco Valley

Source: Trassaco Group

Trassaco Valley is touted as one of Ghana's finest and lavish gated communities. Tucked in East Legon, Trasacco has some modern architectural designs within Accra's most serene environment. The Trassaco Valley Community houses some of Ghana’s most influential people thus, it boasts of impeccable security. The community boasts of central security, a secured pool, a gym, well-tarred roads, and a community centre.

2. Devtraco Courts Gated Communities In Ghana

Devtraco Limited

Source: Devtraco Limited

Devtraco is a leading real estate developer in the country with over 25 years of experience. One should take note of the fact that the developer boasts of having the largest gated community in the country, established as affordable and functional accommodation for the people in Ghana.

All of its properties boast excellent security. With modern architectural designs, its gated communities are a great choice for families. You can arrange for a private tour with their sales agents to locate your desired apartment.

This gated community is situated on 205 acres of land and was created in the Tema Community 25, containing nearly 1,300 residential units. It is in close proximity to Tetteh Quashie in Accra. This established community offers a unique experience for residents with recreational areas, educational institutions, police stations, shopping areas, and others. A full kitchen cabinet, external security door, modern kitchen appliances, wardrobes, and so on are available in the residential units. Some of their gated communities are Park Cluster, which is their first development, followed by Riverdale Cluster, the Crystal Court, Bellavilla, and many others.

3. Devtraco Plus Gated Communities

Devtraco Plus

Source: Devtraco Plus

One such real estate company is Devtraco Plus, which offers multiple gated communities in Ghana. Despite the fact that Niiyo, Avant-Garde and The Edge are apartment complexes, they are gated communities nonetheless. These properties are located in the city centre with access to large shopping centres, restaurants, and entertainment centres, meaning the residents have everything they need at their disposal.

This is perfect for commuters who are unable to afford to live too far from their jobs in the city centre. Even if they are located in the city centre, it still provides greater peace and quiet than it would if they were located outside the city.

Devtraco Plus homes come with 24-hour concierge services and security and provide residents with everything at their fingertips. The sense of community is brought to you right in the heart of the city, while there is enough peace, quiet and entertainment for you.

4. Polo Court

Polo Court

Source: Polo Court

These are apartments in Airport that are owned by individuals who form The Polo Court HomeOwners Association (PCHOA). This gated residential property is found in the prime area of the Airport Residential Area. This property is 5 minutes away from Kotoka International Airport. It is just a few minutes away from The Accra and Marina Malls and many major social amenities. These apartments have three bedrooms and a separate one-bedroom for guests or a house manager. This is separate one room and can be repurposed into a utility room. There is a large living and dining area with a fitted kitchen. This gated community is close to the main Airport-Legon-37 Road and is regularly patrolled by the Police. The gated community is across from the Polo Club. Which is Ghana's finest club for horse lovers and horse racing. There is an onsite maintenance team that is prepped to handle onsite maintenance and the whole property is CCTV Protected.

5. Regimanuel Gray Gated Communities in Ghana

Regimanuel Gray Estates

Source:Regimanuel Grey

Regimanuel is one of Ghana's well-known estate housing properties. They have gated communities in Katamanso which is Adom Gate, Baloon Gate in Kwabenya, and Eagles Place in Sakumono which boasts of modern technology with refined rooms and timeless elegance, Meridian Gardens in Klagon, near Tema community 19.

Regimanuel Grey provides two to four-bedroom semi-furnished properties in a serene and well-secured environment. Regimanuel Properties have rent services as well as an outright buy option without any legal issues. The properties boast of sturdy fittings, excellent finishing, and central security. Regimanuel houses have enough play areas and parking spaces in front of the properties, thus making it suitable for young families and for hosting intimate events.

6. Appolonia City

Appolonia City


Resting over 940 hectares of land in the Greater Accra area, Appolonia City is fast becoming a household name for quality homes and secured communities. In their gated communities, a buyer has the option of buying a built home, a plot and self-building or developing an estate on a purchased land from Appolonia City. Some of the infrastructures in Appolonia City include a swimming pool, gym, spa, a school, high-speed fibre internet, covered U drains and a clubhouse. Due to its location, you're never going to want picturesque green scenery.

It is worthy to note that Appolonia City is 45 minutes from the Tema Port, 35 minutes from the Kotoka International Airport, 30 minutes from Tetteh Quarshie, and 5 minutes from Valley View University.

7. Indigo Homes

Indigo Homes

Source: Indigo Home

Ever thought of combining modern American architecture with timeless Ghanaian features? Then Indigo is your stop. A community with a green park with gardens, a children's playground, a sports court, a swimming pool and a host of other amenities. There is excellent parking space, tree-lined sidewalks; basically, it is a calming and serene environment. The properties range from one-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom apartments. All properties with more than one bedroom have one guest washroom. Some of the properties are semi-furnished too, which eases the burden on families who want an affordable space.

8. Rehoboth Properties

Rehoboth Properties

Source: Rehoboth Properties

Rehoboth Properties is dubbed affordable real estate. It is a wholly Ghanaian owned real estate developer that has been in operation since 2013. Rehoboth has over 800 housing units comprising detached, semi-detached apartments and one-story properties. Properties are also located in Oyarifa with Rehoboth Courts, Rehoboth Gardens located in Malejor, Rehoboth Knightsbridge in Kwabenya, and other developments in Tema. Their properties offer you state of the art ceramic kitchen, security steel doors, central gated security, 24-hour security, 4g internet connection, a police station, fire station, and top-notch management services.

Devtraco Plus prides itself in having the finest and most secure if not the best gated communities in Ghana. All our properties boast of excellent security for our apartments and our gated properties are designed to provide you with maximum comfort and modern architectural designs.

You can schedule a private tour with any one of our sales agents who will assist you with finding the apartment of your choice. Check out Devtraco Plus’s website for the choicest properties in Accra. Fill out the portal form indicating the type of property you are looking for, and we will call you back to confirm a viewing time.

Additionally, you may visit the Devtraco Plus office on No. 8B, Sir Arku Korsah Road, Airport Residential Area or call 0302798692

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