Buying a Home in Ghana: Above and Under 1 Million Ghana Cedis.

Jun / 23 / 2022

If you are planning to move to Ghana, one of the most crucial steps is buying a home in Ghana. Remember that there is a significant difference between renting an apartment and purchasing a property.

How to Buy a Property for Investment in Ghana?

There are no limits on residents or foreigners buying property or land in Ghana, but Ghana has a wide variety of land, and some can only be owned by the government. Customary land, Private property, Government land, and Vested land are the four categories of land now available in the country.

  • Customary land

Customary land is normally associated with various stools in Ghana, and these individuals have the right to give you ownership of the customary land that they are accountable for.

If the stool grants you permission to own customary land, the Ghanaian 1992 constitution protects you by stating that freehold interests in land cannot be granted, which means you are not required to pay any add-on interest fees to the stool after they have given you permission to own customary land.

  • Private Land

Before the 1992 constitution, private land was primarily customary land that was allocated to private individuals or families. The buyer has to approach the landowner to purchase this type of land.

  • Government and Private Property

To buy these types of land, you must fill out an application and submit it to the regional lands officer or the executive secretary of the land commission. To whom you’ll be submitting the application will be determined by the land location.

It is recommended that you consult a well-reputed real estate agency and a lawyer so that they can help you with the entire buying process. Purchasing a real estate property can sometimes get complicated for the average person. The smart option is to hire a real estate agent and a lawyer to take advantage of their expertise.

The Cost of Building a House in Ghana

The cost of building a house in Ghana, particularly in Accra, can be extremely variable. Some areas require payment of bush allowance before shifting to the site, or else vigilante organizations and charlatans bother the buyer.

On average, 300,000 Ghana Cedis can be the cost of a three-bedroom apartment, depending on the selection of the material. Other factors that may affect the cost of building a house in Ghana include:

· The owner decides to build the house himself.

· Hire a contractor/developer

Apart from these three factors, there are other variables too that impact the cost of building a house in Ghana. Many people construct the house in different steps that may take a long time, sometimes over 10 years. They may start to live in the house even before the construction is completed. Some people never finish the construction of their homes due to the high cost.


What to Look for When Buying a Home in Ghana?

There are various factors to consider when looking for a home in Ghana.

  1. Location

Location is one of the most significant factors to consider. It’s an ideal situation if the property is located near your workplace as well as public transportation. This will save you money on transportation or petrol expenses.

  1. Security

Another factor to consider is security. You want to buy a home in a neighborhood where you can be assured of the safety of your family. Ideally, you would want the area to have advanced security features like CCTV cameras and 24x7 armed guards.

  1. Area Pollution

When buying a home in Ghana, you should also think about the air quality. Considering air quality is important since many people don't have air conditioning facilities at home. If you don't have any air circulation in your home, the inside temperature of your home can get very hot during the summer season, especially if the windows are shut.

  1. Land Title Transfer Documents

A title search is one of the most meaningful areas in which a real estate professional may assist you with this procedure. A title search is performed in Ghana to establish the sort of land that the buyer is interested in purchasing as well as to be certain about the existing ownership of that land. Once you've verified all of this information, you and your real estate agent can agree on a purchase price and finalize any agreements with the seller.

However, while the land title is being assessed at the government office, a land valuation may be undertaken so that you may determine the true value of the land you want to buy. Land valuation requires a certain fee that the buyer has to pay. Following the settlement, your lawyer will draft a deed of conveyance (or equivalent necessary form of transfer). Following the successful signing of all of these documents, the land title is transferred to the buyer, who then continues to make property payments.

Property for Sale in Ghana Under 1 Million Ghana Cedis

  1. GHC 659,232 Oyibi (Appolonia) 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached House for Sale

The Oxford area consists of two- and three-bedroom semi-detached and detached homes with distinctive designs, as well as four-bedroom (two-story), contemporary townhouses constructed to the highest standards. At Oxford, there are now three different house models: The Barton, the Walton, and the Eaton. They are available in a variety of sizes and finishes to meet your needs. A modern semi-detached unit, The Walton, is available as a 2-bedroom extensible or 3-bedroom house. Each Walton residence is on a 45' x 70' manicured lot with room for three automobiles to park.

The house includes:

  • Quartz-topped kitchen cabinets

  • En-suite master suites

  • water heater and air conditioning.

  • Contemporary Plasterboard Ceilings with a Hidden Roof

  • visitor restroom, kitchen, and pantry.

  • An emergency alarm system

  • Casement windows made of UPVC

  1. Oyarifa, 3-Bedroom House for Sale, GHC 960,000/M2

A stunning semi-detached home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in a peaceful and secure neighborhood.

The home is situated in a well-designed gated neighborhood with beautiful scenery and ridge views below the Aburi Hills. This lovely home is well-placed inside the estate, directly overlooking the amenities found in the common areas, such as the basketball and tennis courts, community store, laundromat, and poolside. There is enough room for guests to park their cars both inside the house and outside. One is warmly welcomed into a community that values family and acts as a unit.

  1. Oyibi, 3 Bedroom House for Sale, GHC 753,408

In addition to semi-detached and detached homes, Oxford offers modern, quality townhouses with a minimum of four bedrooms (two storeys). The Eaton comes as a 3 bedroom detached unit, as a detached home. The Eaton homes are situated on landscaped plots of 50' x 70' with enough room for three cars.

  1. A 3-Bedroom House in Dodowa Near the Forest Hotel-Sale Price GHC 480,000

Peaceful, beautiful surroundings; large rooms; a living and dining space; a furnished kitchen with cabinets; electric fencing; a water and electricity connection; etc. The location of the property offers residents options for grocery shopping, access to the local hospital for medical needs, and nearby reputable schools for their children’s education. Amenities include a storage tank, a garden, and security.

  1. East Legon Hills, Ghana, 3 Bedroom House for Sale, GHC 840,000

Aby's Court is a reasonably priced, upscale residential development that caters to young, upwardly mobile people and families seeking a tranquil residential neighborhood amidst the activity of Accra, while also offering excellent value as a financial asset.

With 24-hour security, decent access roads, and beautiful green spaces for its residents' enjoyment, Aby's Court is the perfect family property. The Swedish Ghana Medical Center, Melcom Supermarket, restaurants, churches, mosques, gas stations, police stations, and other social facilities necessary for the operation of an urban residential community are all nearby.

Each home was planned and constructed with the residents' delight in mind. Each bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and a wardrobe. There are walk-in closets in the master bedrooms. Every apartment features a one-car garage and three additional parking spaces outside. Along with beautiful green spaces, the estate will contain a swimming pool, a kids' play area, and a gym.

Before buying any property in Ghana, be sure about the cost of buying a house and the real home value. Always check your finances before making a buying decision.

Property for Sale in Ghana Over a 1 Million Ghana Cedis

  • A 4 bedroom detached home for sale in Adjiringaor- GHC 2,305,434

This two-story modern construction is a great blend of contemporary architecture and one-of-a-kind designer finishes.

Located in East Legon-Adjiringanor, you'll be just minutes from Accra's major social and economic centers.

It has four ensuite bedrooms, a fantastic living area, and a contemporary kitchen. There's also a backup generator, a water reservoir, and 24-hour security.

This home is a safe sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of city life due to the peaceful character of the neighborhood and the fact that it is in a gated community.

  • A 4-Bedroom Apartment in Cantonments for Sale for GHC 3,360,000

This project is a stunning, one-of-a-kind collection of modern high rises that incorporate the need for peace, comfort, and security while remaining in a natural setting.

The option is accessible as a semi-furnished two-bedroom flat with a spacious living area, a well-equipped kitchen with adjacent storage, a delightful balcony, and two (2) bedrooms with two (2) bathrooms.

Two refrigerators, a backup power supply, a washing machine, a television, air conditioning, and a water heating system are all included in the unit.

Externally, the home incorporates a calm area with flora and thoughtful amenities that provide tranquility and comfort, allowing for a leisurely walk around the compound. Because of its position, the property provides a pleasant and quiet environment while also providing quick access to a variety of key amenities, such as commercial, educational, and recreational services in the area.

  • In The Airport Area, A 12-Bedroom Guest House for Sale (GHC 20,160,000)

This lovely hotel, which has a Google 4-Star rating, is located in the highly prestigious Airport Residential Area, off Volta Street, and just a minute's drive from the Nyaho Medical Centre. It is uniquely designed with twelve completely furnished en-suite bedrooms, a large reception area, a bar/restaurant, a well-equipped kitchen, a mini bar, and a laundry room.

A standby generator, a magnificent landscape, a mechanized standby water supply system, 24-hour security, a big compound, a summer cottage, and a swimming pool are all provided to the hotel.

There are twelve completely equipped bedrooms available.

· Kitchen

· Restaurant/Minibar

· Reception

· Laundry

· well-kept garden

· Water delivery via machine

· Aquatic center

· generator on standby.

· Security is available around the clock.

  • In Roman Ridge, A Four-Bedroom House for Sale-GHC 14,250,000

Property in The Colonial Style for Sale

In this stunning colonial-style home, life is simple. The extremely spacious property features an open floor plan that includes the living, dining, and kitchen areas. Its four bedrooms follow the same broad spacing as the rest of the house, allowing plenty of space for study, sleep, and storage. Its huge living room connects to the rest of the house by opening up to a spacious back patio with a gorgeous swimming pool and expansive garden grounds in view.

The property is also equipped with two-bedroom staff quarters, extensive parking, and reserve water storage, making it ideal for anyone looking for peace in their home while remaining close to the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • In Airport Hills, A 5-Bedroom House for Sale—GHC 20,000,000

A beautiful five-bedroom home in the renowned Airport Hills neighborhood. It's in a gated community with excellent security.

The neighbourhood’s tranquil atmosphere, combined with the comfort it provides, makes it a dream destination for any homeowner, and it might even be used as an ambassadorial residence.

The house is two stories and sits on a two-and-a-quarter acre area.

It also includes a large living and dining area, five ensuite bedrooms, a TV room, a study room, storage areas, two kitchens, and a kitchenette.

A 2-bedroom boy’s quarters, a 2-bay car garage, an en-suite security post, an electric fence, a remote-controlled main gate, and a well-kept lawn (with underground sprinklers) are also available.

Before buying any property in Ghana, be sure about the cost of buying a house and the real home value. Always check your finances before making a buying decision.

Final Thoughts

Here you have it, but it’s imperative to point out, that most of these homes under the 1 million Ghana cedis are found in the remote or outskirts of prime locations whiles homes above 1 million Ghana cedis are situated in the prime areas of Ghana.

In recent years, Ghana's real estate business has witnessed substantial growth. As the country's population rises dramatically each year, there has been a significant increase in demand for land. Both locals and foreigners have an interest in purchasing real estate, whether for commercial or business goals or merely to lay the groundwork for a home. Before starting the process of buying a house in Ghana or property, make sure that you are familiar with all the legal processes of land/property ownership. Do complete research on how to buy a property for investment in Ghana to avoid any complications. To wave off your worries, a smart option is to contact a well-reputed real estate agency like Devtraco Plus and let them handle the rest for you.

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