Architectural Innovations in Modern Ghanaian Housing

Jul / 20 / 2018

The housing sector in Ghana has evolved so much since the colonial era and with it, the architectural design of most residential homes. A new trend of building has emerged and modern design and technology is responsible. Let’s take a look at some of the new concepts in Ghana’s residential architecture.

Louvre blades to aluminum glass windows

Over recent years, there has been a shift from louvre blades to glass sliding windows. A concept that started in the western world; now emerged on the Ghanaian scene about 10 years ago and has now become a trend that is prominent in many Ghanaian homes today. It is now rare to find a modern home built within the last 10 years that has louvre blades.

Wooden houses on stilts

Post colonial era, public service officials and Government officials lived in houses that were on “stilts”. Wood was the main material used in constructing these buildings. Now these houses have are being rehabilitated using concrete blocks, others have also been demolished by real estate developers to make way for modern luxury apartments and offices.

Concrete tile roof to aluminum roofing sheets

Concrete tile roofs were a huge buzz about 20 years ago. It was almost prudent that when building a home, your roof must be made out of concrete tiles. Concrete tiles were the preferred material due to their low maintenance and highly durable nature. However, real estate developers have resorted to a cheaper alternative, the aluminum roofing sheets. Aluminum roofing sheets are lighter and cost less than concrete tiles.

Wooden doors to steel security doors

A few years ago, most Ghanaian homes had wooden front doors. This was so prominent that carpenters had doors readymade for their customers and a high demand for their services. Recently there has been an increase in demand for security doors mostly made in Turkey. These doors are said to be sturdy and can withstand wear and tear better than the wooden doors. Turkish security doors have now become a strong feature of residential architectural design.

Building vertically instead of horizontally

As land in the city centers becomes hard to find and expensive to purchase, developers have had to be creative in how they build. Previously, when there was abundance of land, developers would build horizontally and add on rooms, etc. However, in recent times developers have been skillful by building vertically and still being able to create spacious rooms and enough compound for a garden and parking space. This trend of building vertically has brought on the onset of town homes.

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