5 Ways To Live Stylishly And Comfortably In A Studio Apartment

Aug / 05 / 2016

In recent times, there’s been an introduction of high-end studio apartments in Ghana. However, there is usually a bit of ambiguity for many people around what a studio apartment is and its distinction from a one-bedroom apartment.

A studio apartment (also known as a studio flat) is a self-contained apartment comprising of one main room that combines a living area, bed and kitchen in a room. Depending on the layout plan of the studio, the kitchen can either be located in the middle of the room or tucked away in a corner. Regardless of the relative placement of the different elements, the defining factor is that they all come together in a single room. The size of astudio apartment usually ranges from 25-45 square meters in most countries but can be slightly smaller in other countries such as Japan and South Korea.

Studio apartments are perfect for single individuals who don’t need a lot of space and don’t plan to host guests for extended periods of time. Students, young graduates and up and coming professionals typically prefer studio apartments because of their affordability, practicality and low-maintenance benefits.

There is also a misconception that studio apartments are purely functional and are difficult to make homely. The fact that studio apartments are small and compact doesn’t mean that they cannot be stylish and comfortable. Studio apartments can be spruced up to appear bigger while having aesthetic appeal through strategic interior decoration.

Being that the apartment is a single room, one of the first things you should consider is creating mini-rooms by partitioning off sections. Try breaking the space into different areas based on use. For instance, if you’ve discovered a spot that is perfect for reading or studying, you can create a reading area by getting a rug, a desk, a lamp and a small potted plant and then pull it all together by painting the wall by the desk to a calming color to set that section apart. Voila, your reading nook is brought to life!

In order to enjoy your studio apartment in comfort, you should try as much as possible to leave clear pathways. You want to avoid having to maneuver too much objects around or risk walking into obstacles while being at home. Allow a free flow of movement from one area to the next to ensure the safety and comfort of you and your guests.

Eliminating clutter is one important rule of small-space living, in order for you not to feel cluster phobic or boxed in. It is, therefore, advisable to only bring in items that are essential and sentimental. Leave anything that adds no value to the space or your experience in it.

Another great way to open up the studio is to use multi-purpose furniture. You may opt for a pull-out couch that can double as a bed at night instead of having both a bed and a couch in the studio. You could also select a bed that has drawers or a cabinet beneath it to serve as a storage space. And for your kitchen, instead of having a few stools you could get a storage bench which would function as both a seat and storage for your tools and breakables. This will create space for movement in your kitchen.

Add pops of color to your studio. It has been established that colors affect our mood. Blue is said to work well for bedrooms and bathrooms because of its soothing effect which can lower blood pressure. So add a touch of blue either with draping, paintings, accent objects or walls. Your living room could have hints of red as red is known to raise a room’s energy level. Having this color in your living room area could spark up interesting conversations between you and your guests. While adding colors can creatively transform a small space, you do want to avoid going overboard with colors that may clash and end up looking tacky. Remember, less is more.

Always keep in mind that for you to enjoy your studio in comfort and style, you should create mini-rooms, leave pathways to aid movement, avoid clutter, get furniture that performs multiple-duties and finally add some color tactfully to your studio.

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