• Henrietta's Residences Apartments in Cantonments
  • Devtraco Plus Ghana Limited Avant Garde front view
  • Devtraco Plus Ghana Limited The Niiyo aerial view
  • Devtraco Plus Ghana Limited Acasia townhomes day view

A new generation of Signature Homes in Ghana.

A heavenly range of property developments in the heart of Accra which will offer people a chance to achieve their dream lifestyle and investment goals.



​​Can Foreigners Buy Property In Ghana?

The simple answer is “YES”! A foreigner can buy a property in Ghana. The laws of Ghana do not discriminate on who can own property in Ghana; Ghana welcomes … Read more

Taking Out A Mortgage in Ghana: 6 Things To Consider

Taking a mortgage to purchase a home is a major decision. Let’s help put you off to a good start as we take you through navigating the not-so-small matter of… Read more

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I love the intricate architectural alchemy because it's different from the usual architecture one will see around. This is turning a wish into a work of art. You build as promised
A. Laing